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A New Faith - Under rays of heavenly light thrust downwards onto our world of flesh & time, a giant wave approaches a father and son who share their observations of the universe with each other. Combined with his meticulous painting techniques Rea evokes spiritual introspection though the use of self portraiture and narrative story telling. In this new multi layered surreal seascape the artist delivers a very personal saga as a universal message of birth, death and change. Oil on canvas painting animated with After Effects (Purchased for 1.40 ETH, Dec 2023).

 $Whale Interview- Early 2021 and the NFT mainstream explosion took the art world by storm as a new era in digital collecting began for millions of crypto holders world wide. Arising as King riding the tsunami wave of initial hysteria, American artist Beeple landed atop an ungodly amount of life changing money and fame. Luckily for Rea he could still reach his now world famous instagram buddy and after a few back & forth DM’s Beeple escorted Rea down the rabbit hole of Blockchain bonanza’s. May 2021 and Rea dropped his first digital art collection GOLD TIGER with American based premium platform MakersPlace. The entire collection including multiple editions sold out within 24 hours and 1/1 auctions far surpassed winning bid estimates.

Joel Rea’s digital art background began in art college with tutoring in video art and animation. By 2003 the final year of his fine art bachelor degree, Rea dedicated a module of his illustration portfolio to digital artwork. "I borrowed a copy of the Adobe Photoshop 5 software manual from the QCA Library, it was thick and I got through it. I knew it would help me design the oil paintings I saw in my mind". Fast forward 2 decades and Rea's pursuit of digital creativity has this dedicated oil painter also combining physical time-lapse painting, digital painting, animation, photography, music and sound effects to express an all-encompassing sensory experience. Rea utilises the NFT market place to expand these exciting new experimental artistic adventures, "I know a lot of scepticism is still around but the community and range of opportunities to use your creative forces are gargantuan compared to anything I've ever experienced in gallery or museum space, they can reinforce each other also. NFT's will be a household thing in the future, maybe the name will change but digital assets on the blockchain are here to stay."



YOUTUBE  - Makersplace x $WHALE: Joel Rea Interview


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Artworks from PAINTINGS catalogue may be minted as a 1/1. Email Inquire.
Record Auction Winning Sales
Record Price for 1/1 Still Image, 5 Ethereum (approx $13,800 USD), The Hungry and the Hunted, March 2022, SuperRare.
Record Price for 1/1 Animation, 3.3 Ethereum (approx $8,800 USD), A Fire Inside, May 2022, MakersPlace.